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      Growing Demand for Sustainable Products

      Date: 2020-03-23

      With the growing demand for sustainable packaging, Greif invested in two, new state-of-the art Kautex CoEx blow molders in North America. “The multi-layer technology allows us to encapsulate up to 60% PCR (post-consumer resin which often comes from recycled drums) while still meeting the rigorous performance requirements.  Plastic drums are already a fantastic packaging solution due to their ability to be reconditioned and reused many times and this technology allows us to evolve with the growing demands of the planet” explains Kevin Kling, Plastic & IBC Development Director for Greif.  


      The massive new blow molders stand at over 25 feet tall and are equipped with a variety of features focused on quality and safety.

      When plastic drums are produced, the excess material is deflashed,ground up, and reused to make a new drum.

      These drums will be added to expand Greif’s EcoBalance product line which includes products made with recycled content and/or innovative designs to reduce material requirements.  For more information please contact your sales representative or Kevin King (kevin.kling@greif.com

      Click to learn more about EcoBalance drums available from Greif. 

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